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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bubbles !!

                         Do you like Bubbles ? Well i do ! Shzna were playing with bubbles : November 11th (: I was going to toilet actually when i saw her with Syiera . When I was in Dorm , I hear voices and someone scream! It's them lahh . They're both were so bising lah!

Hahha I get so excited woah! I ran back to my dorm to get my Alpha , Hee! 
Then , whats more to wait ?? I snap there , snap here , snap up , snap down ! Woah ! Thank God the camera didn't fall down . If not , my Ibu will be totally mad at me ! "Kakak! yg gatal sgt nak tngkp sane tngkp sini tuu knape , kan camera dah jatuh! Sape nak byr utk fix bnde alah ni!!?" , I bet that's what my Ibu will say to me ahha!

But it didn't fall , well not yet ! I hope it will never fall , heee^^

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