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Assalamualaikum dear readers :)
What's on my mind right now ? Well , guess what I'm struggling on what think about my future . Damn it! Syazz , it's your freaking future we're talking about here!! Guys , sometimes I felt I want to continue doing engineering . Most likely is Civil Engineering because for the past two year I've been studying Civil Engineering at SM Teknik Gombak . So basically through wikipedia , Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Hmm honestly I love this fields so much but my mind is kinda messed up right now .

Then , I've once think of being a journalist . I loves to write :) When I write , I felt like I'm not attached to anyone , to things , to this universe and just to anything . I feel very free when I'm writing , I feel like I have my own freedom . I love that feelings :) By the way , I loved to travels . So I'm thinking of a carrier of a journalist that travels all around the world and just write a book or maybe I can work for a travel's magazines :) Why not huh ? Besides I loves to read so I by just reading I can get all the inspiration there :) So can I be a journalist ?

Anyways , in the other hand I loves to talk . Just ask anyone that knows me , believe me if you ask them wether I like to talk or not . Pfft they would probably answer "What the , she talked a lot. She loves to talk" Hee . So , I also think that I can do Mass Communication or the Public Relation :) Ouh yeah , did you know that I loves English so much ? So I'm thinking of doing the TESL . By the way , TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language , okay ? I google about it and this is what I get -->"This field offers great opportunities for employment, career satisfaction, and intercultural encounters.  TESL teachers are in great demand both domestically and worldwide, and many who engage in this career find their work challenging, but extraordinarily rewarding." Like WO-AH! Nice huh ? I knew about this TESL from my English teacher , Miss LAILA<3 Thanks for introduce me this TESL :)

Ouh yeah and the last one is I've always dreamed of becoming a photographer , a Pro :) But for now I'm just an amateur so I still have lots of work to do. I want to snap a nice picture , a potraits of just life , the beauty of the nature and just the tremendous view that have all over the world :D I admit it , I dreamed about it like a lot a lot . Hee . But my dad's said that living as a photographer can be quiet hard for the beginners . Because well he had his own reasoned . Hmm . If and only if I were to becomes a photographer , a PRO .. I wanted to open a studio . Ya'know , to teach the beginners all bout the photography . This will only comes true if someday I'm becoming a professional photographer .

So , which fields is the best for me ? Right now , I just pray for Allah to give me signs :)

P/S : Dear Allah , please help me realizes my dream :)

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  1. civil is not too hard but it is quit tough.bacause of the calculas... :) its up to u syazz,, bykkan solat hajat n doa..moga2 Allah tnjukkan yg trbaik tuk syazz... adik akak pn pening2 je nk pilih.. :)hehe