Short Reply !

7:18 PM iSyazz 2 Comments

Assalamualaikum , hi peeps!

I think it's been awhile since I update this blog don't you think ? Hahha nahh , I'm kidding . Okey now , the story entitled today is SHORT REPLY! Put your hands up if you like to shorten your reply . Err to those who put their hands up , can I asked you something ? It's nothing actually it's just that dude , I hate people that replying a short text to me! Seriously man , you just wasting your credit by replying and texting like a short text don't ya thinks so ?? 'cos I do ! I would rather text like a long message without shorten it than write like a very short text . It's kinda like Apit , hahha and I don't like it .

Just for reminders for the guys and girls out there , but this reminder is strictly appointed to those man out there . My dear boys , don't you know that your text message can brings back colors to a girl's life ? We , the girls , even if we only get a text message from you guys saying "HI" would definitely make us jump in our bed , if you know what I mean :) So please , from now on , just please don't shorten your text message . We do know that guys don't usually speaks much but sometimes we can read what was written on your face okay .

P/S : Sometimes we , the girls , don't know how to straight forward with you guys . It's not that we had ego much but that's just how we are . Sometimes it takes you, the boys to realizes what we wanted :)

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