United We Stand , Divided We Fall :)

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Hi peeps! Hey hey , yeah you there ! The one that reading my blog . Hihi . Remember when I told you guys that I would tell the story about these amazing people ? Yeah the pictures above as you can see is my wonderful classmates! <3 plus my greatest teacher among all the others class's teacher . HA-HA . Okay now , these pictures were actually taken during our class party! ..and the theme was GARDEN-LIKE<3 It was actually venue at our school's hall . It is a Sunny Day that day and we're so glad that it didn't rain :D Our outsider did checked the rain by the way :)

At first , we're supposed to gathered at the school's canteen at 9am . However well biasalah kan JANJI MELAYU .. the girls were all had arrived but the boys was just like mak nenek . They're late! as usual . As you can see , it's a class party right . So my classmates were all dressed up in our class T-shirts :D United we stand , Divided we fall :) We bring the tikar , the foods , the drinks and the game not-to-mention was a blast! Woots woots! Hee . You know what , to set up the barbeque set was a disaster! I meant just think it yourself that from 10am to 12pm is the overall time that the classmates took to just set up the barbeque set plus to set fire too of course :) It took likes 2 freaking hours ya'know?! Haha but after that we enjoyed the meal , the bbq meal<3

Noor Farah Syafiqah , one of my classmates , she treat us with pizza ! Yay Domino's . The pizza was a lot and she used her own money . Gorsh , that was a lot of money used . What a kind-hearted girl :) Thanks for her treat , the classmates and I were very full that day , hihi . Did I forgot to mention that she also gave a souvenier ?" Yeah she did , using her own money AGAIN :) WO-AH I must say that both of me and my classmates should be very grateful to have friend like her :)

The One and Only Miss Laila Fariz :) She is .. wait for it .. wait for it .. hahha The Greatest Class Teacher of the Entire World! *Like a pre-school student aren't I ? hoho . Yeah , she is the mother , the sister and also the friend for us :) She's very caring , I really do like her a lot ! I meant , can't I just be like her ? Booyah! hahha , did you know that she speaks English with accent ? Hahha she did have this kinda accent , like a British nor the very pendalaman punya Europe accent-style :) She really likes to make us do her homework , essay especially and the poem's homework . We don't actually do the homework -,- hihi but she still cool with it , I mean she never like be freakin' mad at us . We can counts like how many times she did mad at us :) Like only a couple times when our class grade were falling . Yeah , I think that's all I guess.

Our class party ended in the afternoon almost went to evening I guess , after clear up all the messed up we did . The boys were playing with the drinks , hahha they were all wet with drinks . HO-HO and the girls were just watching the boys . Our classmated have total of 29 student . Not all the 29 student were coming . ACtually only 28 were coming , yeah 1 is missing ! The one who's missing is Nurul Hafizah Zakaria . Ouhoo isk isk . She couldn't come tho and you know what . I thought after I left , the classmates were also left too but they weren't . They still having fun at the hall . haha they were not just having fun but they also made a video for the one that missing which is Fyza :) I don't have the video because the vid is at Arshad's iPad . To wrapped up the story we really did enjoyed that day ! It was a day that we all will be remembered of :)

P/S : Guys , we should really rethink nor rediscussed about having another class party , aren't we ? :)

With love ,
  iSyazz :3

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  1. Ouhyeke -,- tapi cerita kau kan adee hihi . nnti aku update balik ehh teheee

  2. tak pe..tak de gambar pun tak pe..as long kau igt aku sudah :)

  3. Hihi , mestilah aku ingat kau doe . Btw , again I said , sorry .