My soulmates ♥

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Hi peeps! Meet my gurlfieee as in Bestieee ♥ The ones wearing grey baju kurung is Noor Shaputri and the ones wearing pink baju kurung is Nurulsuhada . Gorsh , this couple weeks I have been hanging around with them :D I must say that it really did brings out the old memories . I miss the old days . I couldn't wish for more except for them . I'm very thankful and grateful to have them stands by my side . I'm guessing that we all going to start busy with our works but as for me and Ada , well i guess not for us tho hihi because we works at the same place . But for Sha , it might be hard for the two of us to hang with her . She works an assistant for her Mama and their schedule were very tight with works , the appointment and others stuff . But for me and Ada , we don't have that tight schedule , aren't we ? Well , Sha's birthday is almost here . Jan 16 is the date! I've plans to work on her birthday . In fact , she's the oldest ones then Ada and the last one would be ME :) Hihi Hope to meet you guys real soon!

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