Toot toot!

7:42 AM iSyazz 2 Comments

I only miss you when you call
So please don't pick up the phone again
In the confusion of it all
Give me time
While my mind's unraveling
-Can't make this over by Pixie Lott-

Hii Syazz (: <------ He texted me ? Weird . Okay he did text me but I don't reply his text . Sorry . No credit actually but even if I had credit that time err sorry bro I'm not going to reply your text . I'm not acting snob okay . I just had to do what I have to do if you know what I'm saying . What we had , well it's all in the past now . Please just open a new book and write a new love story . You doesn't need to repeat your old love story man . Yeah whatever if people said "Kalau ada jodoh takkan kemana" Seriously ehh ? -,- Anyway , I just hope that we can be JUST FRIENDS okay ?

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