Fatanah Enam ♥

12:40 AM iSyazz 2 Comments

Meet my dormmates of the year! Jyeah! xD

They're seems cold at first . Yeah I mean seriously . It's like do I get to 'kamcingg' with them ? Hmm that's my first impression . But first impression it's not all true , right ? I guess I'm wrong because they were all actually fantastic and great! Gorsh , it's nice to be friends with them (: At first , I joined the Softball Team at my school , from there I getting closed with my dormmates which is Alya and Ati . Did I mentioned about the Volleyball ? No right . Yeah about that , almost all of our RIADAH time me and my dormmates spend it on playing the volleyball . Well what can I say , the volleyball thing really did a great job on bonding our relationship :D I'm grateful for that . Ever since I be friends with them , there are sometimes a good memories and sometimes a bad memories . It's all bittersweet memories that I will always .. always keep in my heart and I will never ever forget what I've been through with them trough out the years<3

P?S : I'm starting to miss you guys :'(

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