The Job (:

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Hoho , I feel like flying now! Wohoho , Guess what guys , I got The Job! It's totally weird , okay first I wrote about Forever 21 yesterday don't I ?..and today I got the job there! Is that suppose to be faith ? Well , I'm loving this faith . Hihi .

The truth is I was supposed to find the job with Ada and Sha . However , it seems to have some problems there . Ada woke up late today and she had to managed her sister and her brother . Then , Sha called me asking whether are we going to visit her at her house or not . While me on the other hand , waiting for their calls .... Few minutes , err NO few hours after that the they called me back . First , Ada said "Okay Syazz get ready" then "Err maybe today we had to cancelled our job surveying" then "Err ignore what I just said to you , I'm kidding" and I was like "Whhaaaaattt ....?"

At the end of the conversation we decided that we're finally going to seek for job . I meant FINALLY! She had made her decision for a quite some time . Hahha , first we had to go to Sha's house to pick her up then we can seek for the job . Ada and I was supposed to meet at McD's but ... Well, here's what happened between us :
I opened the door ..
Me : Hahha I thought soooo~
Ada : What the ... Ergh!
Me : Hihi , can you please wait for me for awhile?
Ada : Hurry up

Then ...
Ada : Where's the Metro Driving Centre ehh?

Me : Err , IDK laa

Ada : Ouh there it is!

Me : Yeah yeah

Ada : Aik , where it is again ? Err I think we just passing by the Centre aren't we ?

Me : ADA!

Ada : Hihi , Syazz! The centre was closed , what day is it ?

Me : Saturday

Ada : Aaah , I bet it closed on Saturday and Sunday huh ?

Me : Haiyaaa! Okay hurry up , let's go to Sha's place but I wanna topup first

Ada : Okay . RM3 or RM5 ?

Me : RM5

Blah-blah-blah and I didn't topup actually...

While we were walking..
Ada : So , bus or taxi ?

Both of us laughing...(Taxi of course)

Me: What time is it ?

Ada : 3pm

Me : Okay let's go to the bus stop and we can chit chat blah-blah-blah while waiting for the bus

Ada: Err okay besides Sha is with her mom now , they have to go to pick up their cat

We had an ice cream before we took the cab by the way, then we headed to Sha's House . Don't wanna talk about what happened in Sha's place . Let's just wrap to story by saying that she doesn't going to follow us . That's all , that's it .

Believe it or not , we went to find the job at 6:05pm and don't forget that we had curfew at 8pm . Shoot! How are we going to find job at only 2 hours of finding it ?! Damn! >.< We took a train from Cahaya to Hang Tuah . It was crowded with people when we arrived at the station -.-" Hmm so from there we walked to Lot 10 and start to find any job vacancy . At the escalator , we saw a big banner says YES! YES! YES! Haha yeah we're both were full of spirit and we were like "YES TO THE JOB!" hahha . Fortunately there is so many job vacancy but unfortunately they don't wanna hire us . So sad isn't it ? Okay from their eyes we can read that they don't want some girl with tudung . Ergh suck! It broke our heart when they say "Sorry , we had enough workers now." What they said to us had really down us ; the spirit . Hmmm then we went to Pavillion . Just to survey if they had job vacancy but not to ask job from them . Well, the thing is we only come to their store without asking for the job . It's like how are we going find a job if we didn't us them ? ..and job didn't JUST come from sky ya'know. After Mango, espirit , Vincci , Diva, Topshop, Paul Frank okay now ; almost all the store at Pavillion we entered without asking for a job. Look at the time now! It's 7:15pm now , there's only 45 minutes to go before we went back home . Come on Syazz , come on Ada! You have 45 minutes left to think where to work . We went to cotton on then funny thing happen . I met Arshad and Nik Fariz . Hahha like always Nik's always shy about err EVERYTHING! Nik .. Nik .. *Funny ke?

Ada : Err so how ?

Me : IDK *sigh

Ada : Hmmm

Me : Ouuuu , Forever 21 <3 Jum?!

Ada : Err okay , ehh S-A-L-E!

Me : Well you know Ada , I had always love this Forever 21 . It'll be a dream come true to work at here

Ada : Okay , let's us for a job

Me : Ouh okay but who are going to ask at ?

Someone looking weirdly at Ada ...
Ada : Ehh .. (Okay I forgot the guy's name-chinese guy)
The guy : What are you doing here ?

Ada : Ehh ehh , does this store need worker ?

The guy : Aaah , of course . They NEED worker .

Me : (looking at both of them) Where to ask ?

The guy : At the cashier ...

Ada and Me : OKAY!

Near the cashier ...
We don't actually ask the person but we need a help from The Guy to ask for us . He did . He's then taking us to see the manager .
Ada : Where's the manager ?

Me : IDK

Suddenly the manager...

Manager : Where's the .... ouh (Walking towards us)

Ada and Me : (Smiling)

Manager : Who's here for the job ?

Ada and Me : Well the both of us (: *With hoping face

Manager : Hmmm , here's the thing we only need one worker

Ada : ... ouh

Me : .... I see

Manager : How old are you guys ?

Ada : Form 5 , SPM leavers

Me : Yeah form 5

Manager : Are you guys friends ? Cousins ?

Ada and Me : Friends (:

Manager : Which school are you guys ?

Me : Technical School of Gombak .

Manager : Ouh Technic and you ?

Ada : Cochrane Perkasa

Manager : Where do you lives ?

Ada and Me : Desa Pandan

Manager : How do you came here ?

Me : Taxi or bus . It's fine with us


Me : So , do WE get the job ?

Manager : Hmm one need to start tomorrow and another one we need to start on JAN

Ada : Great! I'll be starting tomorrow and shell be starting on Jan

Me : Ngeee *With big smile

Manager : Well okay then , follow me . (He brought us to the cashier) . You'll be starting tomorrow at 2pm till 10pm

Ada : Okay but what about costume ?

Manager : (I can't remember what he said about the clothes) You've to put some make up like eyeliner and lipstick .. The hijab must be versatile okay not just 'Simpang-simpang'

Ada : Okay :D

To wrap up the story .. We both get the JOB yaww! From the time we get the job , we both couldn't stop talking about it , crazy huh ? HA-HA . Well , Ada finally get a job and she can now tell her family because her parents always ask her about work . On second hand , I get the job that I wanted so bad! Hihi :3 Confucius once said that "Choose a job you love, and you will never had to worrk a day in your life."

P/S : That's how we get the job yaww :)

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