Hello, again?

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Assalamualaikum ❤

It's been awhile!

Haaa, sedar tak sedar actually aku selalu update blog bila aku tengah busy. Bila konon-2 tgh hectic week lah gituuu. Zzzzz. Now that I'm thinking of it, I think it's my habit, kot. In a way, aku rasa macam blogging ni boleh distract aku untuk seketika. Yelah, barai gak asyik dok tenung assignment kan. Now, speaking of the devil, last week memang hectic lah. Banyak assignment nak kena submit, test lagi, high fever pulak tu lepastu ada musibah lagi menimpa. During that musibah, all I want is my Ibu & Abah which of course they're not around. Oh well, taknak ceghite lagi pasal hal musibah ni sebab still in shock and trauma gak. Sooooo, let's talk about something else.

First thing yang aku perasan since aku tukar layout kat Blog aku ni, what happened to my Timeline eh? Macam dah berterabur je & of course it will took me some time to betulkan balik. Ugh. HA-HA, bukan mengeluh kepe but it's like at some point of my life, which is NOW, there's a lot of things that I need to sort out which also includes that layout matters. Oh well, for now, abaikan dahulu. I still got bigger problems to solve aren't I? There's a lot of thing going on my head right now. I kinda think that's why I got high fever last week & now meleret to flu & cough. So, as someone who always think 'positive', I always kept in my mind that "Sakit tu kan Penghapus Dosa". Kan?

Now, let's talk about study. Study, eck! HA-HA. What about it? Nothing much I guess. Bo-hooo, don't lie Syaz T.T Like I said before, studying can be quite err confusing? How to say eh, hmm it's like you need to juggle all of those subjects with your unnecessary needs. Hmm, does that make sense to you? No? Yes? Maybe? Kan, I told you it can be quite confusing hahha well at least for me lah. Please bear in your mind Syaz, this is your final year. Make it worth, make it memorable and plisssss ganbatte ne! Of course there is VIVA I. Every time I think of it, it kinda gimme goosebumps! In a good way, that feeling makes me wanna do research more on my thesis since I need to fully understand my project lah kan. However, instead of low blood pressure, it kinda make my blood pressure high if you know what I mean. Oh yeah, the postponed thing pun tak naiss jugak. Too many things are being postponed sooooo yeah I don't like it at all. Sometimes, it's good sebab you can revise more before your test or quiz. Yang tak bagusnya bila, too many things being dumped on the same day or the same week. Let it be tho, it is for good cause anyway.

Apalagi eh?

P/s: I guess itu je kot update semasa, gitchuwwww. I'm out!


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