Miss Fierce

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Assalamualaikum ❤

Let just go straight to the point yeah. Last two weeks, ada presentation. Tak berat pun presentation tu, as always slide dah ada, point pun dah ada. So, tinggal present je lah kan oh this one grouping presentation. Blahblahblah... Masa presentation tiba.. It's time for my part as I was mumbling kat depan tu.. Suddenly, Sir stop me in the middle of explanation. Guess what he said? He said that "Awak ni, nanti kalau ada suami kesian kat suami awak. Asyik kena amaran je." and I was like Ooookaaaay and I stop for awhile yelah to hear dia punya comment kan. Then he said "Cubalah berlembut sikit, garang betul. Kesian kat suami awak nanti." Oh well, guess what.. The whole class laughed 🤣 Apalagi, tersenyum kambing jelah aku kat depan tu. Aduduii. If I were to tell this story to Ibu, confirm she would laugh out loud! Well, for the past few days it has been a joke to some of my friends. Tbh, I don't mind the joke sebab I know who I am and yes I can be quite fierce some time or err the whole time?  HA-HA.

For my closest friends, they know me well which yes I am a friendly person and most of the time they terhibur dengan joke aku yang agak lame tu hahhaha but at the same time they also said to me that they couldn't imagine how my future husband would be if he were to be with me. Meaning to say, my friends knows me as someone who's very strict with my own opinion & I always said no to guy which if I were to send wedding card to them, they would be surprise. Idk, when it comes to guy I can be very straightforward and strict. It's true, it's the past experiences which made me like this. To overcome this, it will took me some time. So give me time, I will try to change. I will try to'berlembut' lah sikit but not the ngada-ngada kinda girl ah, that disgusts me.

Tbh, fierce never really existed in my dictionary. It's not even my usual vocabulary. Yang kelakarnya, Sir tegur dekat kelas tu sebab I think the way I present to them more like a debate session. HA-HA. Now, I will learn on how to approach the audiences, perhaps with a little smile and try to tone down my voice I guess? Hihi, I will definitely revise my presentation skills. Somehow, I have to deal with it since I have been hearing this word been said to me since the past idk 3-4 years lah kot. Since kat Poli ni, so Syaz a change must be made. Try to berlembut. Psssttt...  I have been trying since last week, I kinda feel hypocrite to like fake smile and berlembut dalam percakapan but I try tho. Definitely will try harder, I will try to say it genuinely and say it with meaning, okay?

P/s: Iolls cuba untuk ikhlas ni. Pelan-pelan kayuh lah Syaz, you can do it!


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