A Reminder To Myself.

Assalamualaikum ❤

What do you do when you have problems? Mengeluh?

What do you do when people talk bad about you? Marah?

What do you do when you are feeling sad? Moody?

What do you do when you just mad of something? ...

Anyway, whatever things that happened to you must have a reason behind it. Trust me, the reason behind it can be the beauty of the problems. Idk, some people when they have problems, they felt anxious, they do not want to do anything about it & they just get angry or even stressed. For some people, they just let it be because why do they need to think about those matters. Well, perhaps on their minds someone else will do it, will think about the matters.

Now, my question is what if within those circles, everyone think of the same thing. You know the "It's okay, someone else will do it." For some reason, I think that thinking kinda shaped me to what I am now. I hate it when people lepas tangan, this attitude memang takboleh tolerate. Since aku taksuka attitude macam ni so I am hoping that I don't develop this kind of attitude. Meaning to say, I need to practice what I preached. I know something bad will happened if I buat taktahu je. My definition for buat taktahu is when you have to deal with some low class mentality. It's like if you layan those kind of mentality, what makes you different from them? Same kan? Soo moral of the story is ada benda yang kau memang takyah ambil tahu but ada benda yang you kena ambil tahu. Dah besar kan, I think people are matured enough to differentiate it kan.

Anger Management Issues. Based on what I have observed, most people are angry about something but it's all about how you manage those anger. Do you let it control you or you control it? I think the basic must be strong for this kind of issues which is "Think first before you speak". I myself sometime don't control what words that come out from my mouth. Thanks to that, now whenever I want to speak, I think first because you know how people's feelings are fragile. So, at some point we need to jaga their feelings kan. Hm, what if you jenis orang yang cepat melatah bila orang tegur? Haa, itupun satu masalah kan? Actually bendanya senang je, bila kau tegur orang don't expect them to accept your teguran. My advice is that if you want the person to become a better person, so you just istiqomah jelah tegur dia. However, I have a principle that if I tegur that particular person for the 3rd time & the person remains the same, then I would step back. Why? No improvement maa, plus their heart is soooo keras that it need someone else to cairkan if you know what I mean lah kan.

Have you ever feeling sad for no reason at some point of your life? Well, I have. It can be due to your problems with either family or friends but don't let it depressed you. You know depression is something else right? Although sometimes I feel sad for no reason, it's never really that bad that I felt like it's a depression. La Tahzan. Always to put your faith on Allah and to always berbalik pada Dia. 

P/s: It is just a reminder to myself, if any of you ever felt that way, maybe you should take one step back and just look around you. Be grateful for what you have and say Alhamdulillah for what you have now.


Missing Home or I Just Want a Getaway ?

Assalamualaikum ❤

Benda tak ada benda punggg. Homesick je pungg. Macam biasalah, bila kerja dah banyak sangat nak kena settlekan within the time limits tuuuu yang buatkan kau macam nak balik rumah je. Chill kat katil sendiri pastuuu termenung tengok kipas. That's the least you can do but kat sini kau termenung macam mana punggg hati kau tak tenang selagi kau tengok to do list kau banyak yang belum tick. Sooooo, takkan tu je yang buat aku rindu nak balik rumah? Haa, tak jugak, it's been awhile since balik rumah haritu. Study week on Xmas, ceghitenyaa time tu lah balik but rasanya VIVA I macam within the same week. Macamlah. Sooo balik rumh time ... habis final exam? Memang idokleeee. Nak balik jugak, nak tengok muka Ibu Abah je :( Aigooo parah ngat ni.

Just when you think that 7 months are good enough to spent time with your family.. Well guess what, it's not enough. It will never be enough. It's true when people said that when you get older, what you want is actually to be closer with your family. It's okay, let's think positive. Niat kat sini pun sebab jihad kan. So takpa Syaz, berkorban okay. Last time kat Poli, why I've no problems to sacrifice but this time, here in Skudai asyik pikir nak balik je but hey! I got some improvement what, the first 2 years study memang aku rasa macam 80% of my time asyik nak balik je but now dah decreased ek. Aku rasa baru sekarang terpikir nak balik sebab macam aku cakap sebelum ni lah, keje banyak sangat. HA-HA

Balik balik pun pakai duit Syaz. Ingat tu. Hahha, dah hujung-2 ni nak kena berjimat sikit. For my own future too.

P/s: Oh well, I think I can managed this. I try to. Let's see how it goes.


Miss Fierce

Assalamualaikum ❤

Let just go straight to the point yeah. Last two weeks, ada presentation. Tak berat pun presentation tu, as always slide dah ada, point pun dah ada. So, tinggal present je lah kan oh this one grouping presentation. Blahblahblah... Masa presentation tiba.. It's time for my part as I was mumbling kat depan tu.. Suddenly, Sir stop me in the middle of explanation. Guess what he said? He said that "Awak ni, nanti kalau ada suami kesian kat suami awak. Asyik kena amaran je." and I was like Ooookaaaay and I stop for awhile yelah to hear dia punya comment kan. Then he said "Cubalah berlembut sikit, garang betul. Kesian kat suami awak nanti." Oh well, guess what.. The whole class laughed 🤣 Apalagi, tersenyum kambing jelah aku kat depan tu. Aduduii. If I were to tell this story to Ibu, confirm she would laugh out loud! Well, for the past few days it has been a joke to some of my friends. Tbh, I don't mind the joke sebab I know who I am and yes I can be quite fierce some time or err the whole time?  HA-HA.

For my closest friends, they know me well which yes I am a friendly person and most of the time they terhibur dengan joke aku yang agak lame tu hahhaha but at the same time they also said to me that they couldn't imagine how my future husband would be if he were to be with me. Meaning to say, my friends knows me as someone who's very strict with my own opinion & I always said no to guy which if I were to send wedding card to them, they would be surprise. Idk, when it comes to guy I can be very straightforward and strict. It's true, it's the past experiences which made me like this. To overcome this, it will took me some time. So give me time, I will try to change. I will try to'berlembut' lah sikit but not the ngada-ngada kinda girl ah, that disgusts me.

Tbh, fierce never really existed in my dictionary. It's not even my usual vocabulary. Yang kelakarnya, Sir tegur dekat kelas tu sebab I think the way I present to them more like a debate session. HA-HA. Now, I will learn on how to approach the audiences, perhaps with a little smile and try to tone down my voice I guess? Hihi, I will definitely revise my presentation skills. Somehow, I have to deal with it since I have been hearing this word been said to me since the past idk 3-4 years lah kot. Since kat Poli ni, so Syaz a change must be made. Try to berlembut. Psssttt...  I have been trying since last week, I kinda feel hypocrite to like fake smile and berlembut dalam percakapan but I try tho. Definitely will try harder, I will try to say it genuinely and say it with meaning, okay?

P/s: Iolls cuba untuk ikhlas ni. Pelan-pelan kayuh lah Syaz, you can do it!


Hello, again?

Assalamualaikum ❤

It's been awhile!

Haaa, sedar tak sedar actually aku selalu update blog bila aku tengah busy. Bila konon-2 tgh hectic week lah gituuu. Zzzzz. Now that I'm thinking of it, I think it's my habit, kot. In a way, aku rasa macam blogging ni boleh distract aku untuk seketika. Yelah, barai gak asyik dok tenung assignment kan. Now, speaking of the devil, last week memang hectic lah. Banyak assignment nak kena submit, test lagi, high fever pulak tu lepastu ada musibah lagi menimpa. During that musibah, all I want is my Ibu & Abah which of course they're not around. Oh well, taknak ceghite lagi pasal hal musibah ni sebab still in shock and trauma gak. Sooooo, let's talk about something else.

First thing yang aku perasan since aku tukar layout kat Blog aku ni, what happened to my Timeline eh? Macam dah berterabur je & of course it will took me some time to betulkan balik. Ugh. HA-HA, bukan mengeluh kepe but it's like at some point of my life, which is NOW, there's a lot of things that I need to sort out which also includes that layout matters. Oh well, for now, abaikan dahulu. I still got bigger problems to solve aren't I? There's a lot of thing going on my head right now. I kinda think that's why I got high fever last week & now meleret to flu & cough. So, as someone who always think 'positive', I always kept in my mind that "Sakit tu kan Penghapus Dosa". Kan?

Now, let's talk about study. Study, eck! HA-HA. What about it? Nothing much I guess. Bo-hooo, don't lie Syaz T.T Like I said before, studying can be quite err confusing? How to say eh, hmm it's like you need to juggle all of those subjects with your unnecessary needs. Hmm, does that make sense to you? No? Yes? Maybe? Kan, I told you it can be quite confusing hahha well at least for me lah. Please bear in your mind Syaz, this is your final year. Make it worth, make it memorable and plisssss ganbatte ne! Of course there is VIVA I. Every time I think of it, it kinda gimme goosebumps! In a good way, that feeling makes me wanna do research more on my thesis since I need to fully understand my project lah kan. However, instead of low blood pressure, it kinda make my blood pressure high if you know what I mean. Oh yeah, the postponed thing pun tak naiss jugak. Too many things are being postponed sooooo yeah I don't like it at all. Sometimes, it's good sebab you can revise more before your test or quiz. Yang tak bagusnya bila, too many things being dumped on the same day or the same week. Let it be tho, it is for good cause anyway.

Apalagi eh?

P/s: I guess itu je kot update semasa, gitchuwwww. I'm out!



Assalamualaikum wbt sahabat-2 sekalian.

December! Yup, favourite month of the year. Why oh why? Heh heh. Dah nak habis dah tahun 2015. So, apa yang kita boleh sum up kan pasal tahun ni? Sedih? Gembira? A bit of both? Perhaps. Kalau bulan Jan haritu rasanya macam tengah terkapai-2 masuk sem 6 untuk Diploma. Tapi kalau sekarang ni dah bulan Dec, terkapai-kapai pulak untuk sem 2 Degree. Gladly, direct entry. So terus masuk ke Tahun Kedua lah. Selamat~ hiks. Well, itu untuk awal tahun & akhir tahun. Pertengahan tahun buat apa? KERJA. Sadly, tak kerja dalam bidang pun. Lari sikit. Kerja dalam bidang Property.

Property. Percaya atau tak, bidang ni sebenarnya banyak bukak minda aku. Especially on economics & the harta thingy. Aku dah lah memang tak minat benda-2 ekonomi ni but takboleh jugak kalau nak buat tak endah sebabnya banyak berkait lah ekonomi dengan faktor sekeliling. Before this, ada je aku pikir pasal rumah (hartanah) & benda-2 tu lah, cumanya got no direction lah. Takde orang nak guide pasal benda-2 ni. Alhamdulillah masuk pulak company yang tak lokek nak mengajar & bagi guidance en. So, dah nampak sikit lah masa depan macam mana en. Time degree ni, bukan takat nak dapatkan segulung ijazah tapi dah kena dah pikir masa depan. Nak balas balik jasa parents & in shaa Allah jadi orang dan bukannya orang-2. Hehe

Lol, kalau nak cite pasal property tu aku rasa memang kena post satu entry pasal tu je. Dok pulak department auction. Haa memang banyak benda nak kongsi. Pssst, if nak teringin beli rumah lelong (tp kena pergi auction lah) untuk tujuan buat rumah sendiri or nak sewakan boleh email kayy. LOL.

Kalau nak cite yang pasal awal tahun tu macam takpayah kot, bolehlah baca balik kat entry aku yang lepas-2 tu. Sedih nak cite. HAHHA. I don't want to let bygone be bygone because that sem was like the best sem I ever had. Got plenty ups & downs going thru that sem which I'll never forget about it. Man, I miss my old classmates like hell. Rindu lah, kalau dengan bebudak ni memang tak kering gusi kot. Kelakar nya satu, ngeng ngeng nyaa pulak & tazkirahnya pun yaaa. Hahha apalah aku merepek ni but siapa yang kenal aku. They get what I'm trying to say. Yes peeps, I'm making those faces lol.

Sekarang ni pun dah nak dekat hujung tahun. Dah nak masuk 3 bulan degree ni, guys oh guys trust me struggle teruk kayy deg ni. Hahha nothing like dip, the pressure quite though tho. Like I said before on my previous entry, pressure dia kadang bukan sebab study (mostly pasal study), kadang boleh jadi pasal benda lain, pasal kewangan mungkin, pasal taktahu mana nak refer pun iya, ugh pasal fakulti pun iya jugak. Hahha yang ni kelakar sikit. Sebabnya nak transfer kredit je pun tapi dia punya nak proses, ya rabb amik masa almost a month. Busy betul deme ni. Tapi, apa yang pasti aku memang gini lah. Selagi tak rapat dengan orang tu, man I'll shut my mouth macam ada diamond or gold kat dalam mulut ni. Yelah sebab kita pun taktahu orang tu macam mana plus if cakap banyak pun kenot jugak, so better diam right. Apapun, mostly classmates skrg ni best lah. Kelakar, banyak merepek macam bebudak tuu & yup boleh diharap. Alaa, banyak masa lagi lah nak spend time sesama in shaa Allah dengan izinNya.

P/s: Dah nak habis tahun 2015 tak bermakna habis sem. Now rooting for Final Exam! *cuak!


Heyy Sari Cempaka 5, I miss you!

Assalamualaikum ❤

"Sahabat itu seperti bintang, dia memang tidak selalu terlihat. Tapi dia selalu ada untukmu."-Unknown.

Missing Azlia. Meet the Crazies!

Seringkali aku terjatuh. Tanpa disedari, aku alpa. Aku lupa, aku laghaaa dengan duniawi. Pernah sekali aku rasa bosan, kosong dan malas untuk buat semua benda. Kenapa entah? Okay, tbh ever since aku sambung study, I kinda felt lost. Empty. I used to think yang tak apa, kat mana pun kita sambung belajar kita akan 'make friends'. Maybe, sebab before this aku dah terbiasa pindah sekolah membuatkan aku dah terbiasa make a new friend.

Kata orang bila hati rasa kosong, jangan berharap pada manusia. Tapi sujudlah. Mungkin Allah rindu dengar tangisan kita. Betul tu.

Cumanya.. ever since diploma. Walaupun 3 tahun aku kenal bebudak tu, the memories.. Memang terpahat dalam hati weh. Kalau kat sini, yes aku happy je dengan dorang. Masing-2 ada perangai sendiri, that's people. We gotta respect them. Mungkin sebab kalau dulu tu, pagi petang siang malam dok hadap muka dorang. Mana taknyaaa, serumah. Sebilik kot. Share satu peti ais *faham-2 jelah*. Sejujurnya, rindu weh.

Seronok sangat time belajar dulu sebab masing-2 kalau time study week jangan cerita lah. Pagi-2 dah bangun, p pasar kat belakang dok cari Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai oh oh plus kuih muih sikek. Pepagi dah bukak TV3 sambil breakfast, dok tengoklah MHI tu haaa. Tapi general knowledge time tu jangan cakap lah, cenggini hahha. But aku tak caya sangat TV ni, suka auta. So, lepas breakfast buat apa? Get ready nak study. Kat mana? Lol, takdanya istilah study kat bilik kalau pepagi tu. Masing-2 'open table' kat ruang tamu. Siapa yang duduk kat TC tu tahu lah betapa 'comelnya' ruang tamu kita kan. Tapi yang peliknya, muat je ktorang 7 org study kat situ. Kadang-2 Zai & Azlia study kat luar so memang muatlah ktorang 5 org.

Yang kelakarnya, lepas study 30min confirm Pija tanya tgh hari nak makan apa eh tak pun tanya nak beli makan kat mana eh. Kelakar kot, every time. Lol, kadang kol 11 lebih dah g cari lunch. Petang? Apa lagi, kuih muih lagi lah. Tak pun laksa. Pergh sedap kot. Selalu lepas Zohor, buku memang tutup lah. Tidur time. Kononnya nap time tapi... hahha. Every time. Selalunya Wani mesti nak g TC, beli jajan dia hahha so tukang ngekornya ktorang lah. Aku, Fana dgn Kimahh. Padahal takbeli apapun, tapi nak riadah katanya, Cuci mata. Hahha apalah. 

Selalunya time malam jarang beli makan kat luar melainkan haritu ada pasar malam. Bila pikirkan balik, tgh hari pun jarang beli makan kat luar. Kalau malas baru beli. Selalunya memang masaklah ceghitanya. Makanan orang bujang. Biasalah, faham-2 jelah. Tapi ktorang lain, semua benda nak torai. Tapi ada satu benda yang tak tercapai time dok rumah sewa tu, Laksaa Utaghaaa Azliaaa! Setiap kali Azlia balik rumah kg, confirm dia bawak balik laksa. Sedap kot. Ikan dia terasa kot. Katanya, rahsia nak masak laksa ikan kena dua jenis. Tapi dia takbagi tau ikan apa. Rahsia lettu. 

Ada banyak hikmah bila budak rumah kau dari Utaghaaa, Pantai Timur & Selatan. Aku tengah-2, don't ask. Tapi Sabah Sarawak takda lah. Kalau Azlia, bawak laksa. Kimahh... Dia punya kepok lekor lah. Tak pernah miss bawak balik. Thanks kimah, sebab kan dah makan kepok ganuu aku taklayan dah kepok-2 yang banyak tepung ni eheheh. Wani pulak, dia punya Budu. Aku boleh makan tapi kena nasi panas-2 w/ ikan panas-2. Kalau dah sejuk sikit, aku err susah sikit nak makan, Sorry ihihi. Fana oh fana, orang Selatan kan. Thanks for otak-2 & aku tak ingat apa ntah kau bawak tu tapi sedap wehh. Ye ye sebok cite pasal makanan yang dorang bawak, aku takkan kosong je kan? Ada jugak okay, tapi dorang tau aku punya jasa time masak hahhaha kbaii ❤

So, lepas Isyak buat apa? Lepak bilik Pija Fana & Wani. 'Lepak as in Musyawarah time!' This is my fav time sebab time tu memasing jadi Cikgu Tuisyen. Seronok weh time ni sebab time ni lah ktorang discuss balik apa yang ktorang study. Mostly, sorang akan explain then confirm akan ada soalan cepumas. Best lah, sebab banyak gila input time ni. Memasing pun tak lokek kot. Takda istilah lokek kat sini. Sama-2 nak berjaya kan, sama-2 usaha. Satu benda yang budak rumah aku pegang is ..

"Ilmu itu jihad. Menyampaikannya adalah suatu ibadah. Setiap kali beramal dengan ilmu, sama macam kita berzikir."

Bila fikir balik, aku beruntung dapat kenal dengan korang. Bersyukur sangat, sebab korang.. ajar aku apa itu erti persahabatan. Ya Allah, kalaulah  masa tu aku tahu manisnya seseuatu persahabatan itu sudah pasti akan aku lebih menghargainya. 

Missing Zai. Meet the Weirdos! 

Bila dah habis belajar, masing-2 pun buat haluan sendiri. Mana yang tengah bina career tu I wish the best for all of you. Mana yang sambung study, gambatte ne! Apapun aku happy sebab ada antara korang yang in shaa Allah akan bina masjid. Ya Allah, aku yang tak sabar okay. For some of you, yang tengah y'know pening-2 pasal ni.. Jangan risaulah, in shaa Allah takda apa lah. Aku pun kenal dengan ehhem kau tu. Percayalah cakap aku, dia tengah berusaha untuk menghalalkan tu. Kau pun bagi lah moral support ke apa ke. Hikss sorry lah, aku bab-2 perhubungan cintan cintun ni boo sikek. Hahhaha.

Tapi aku percaya dengan ayat ni "Sahabat itu seperti bintang, dia memang tidak selalu terlihat. Tapi dia selalu ada untukmu."-Unknown. Sebab korang takda kat depan mata aku tapi korang selalu ada bila aku perlukan korang. Thanks guys ❤

P/s: Doa aku sentiasa untuk korang. In shaa Allah. Ohh btw, dah berhabuk rupanya post ni, now aku kena tapis all my draft if not jadi macam ni lah T.T


Sunshine Bloom!

Assalamualaikum ❤


May your worries be light,
May your joy be great,
May your cup overflow!

Let's start your with coffee and a some blogging!

Too much studying can make your brain reached the limit.
You know that limit tho.. the 'tepu' ones lol
Let's do some Datsuzoku thingy!

So, let's relax our mind.Usually it's a cloudy morning here in Skudai, make you wanna hug your 'bantal busuk' and just chill on your bed. Yes, today is not the day, the day for sweater weather. It felt soooooo breezy today which I usually choose to talk a walk in the morning for this kinda weather but not today. Yup, not today. Well, I just started my day with washing my laundries. Gonna make today a productive day, err washing your laundries manually can burn some calories aite? Hmm *thinking* lol. What a better way to enjoy this clear sky with bright sun than seeing your clothes dry up! Heee 

Still got two more papers left. Most of people would feel the LPS (Last Paper Syndrome). Now, come to think about it, LPS huh? Kinda sounds like Lesen Pendudukan Sementara hahha okay baii. Lusa is LSE paper then next two days is the Map Pro. Oh well, map pro is an open book test but I must say that even if it's an open book, but if you don't read the book earlier, you might get stuck during the exam right? For LSE on the other hand, hahha I need to put a lot of efforts on it. Yes, not like most of people, they quite good with numbers but not me, I flunk that one. How most people can even look at the numbers like they reading books? I just don't get it, hahha I guess that's their advantages right?

I can't stop looking at the sky today. Sooo bright, so blueee, Not so much of clouds today, love it! 

P/s: Current obsession: Charity Vance's song.