A Reminder To Myself.

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Assalamualaikum ❤

What do you do when you have problems? Mengeluh?

What do you do when people talk bad about you? Marah?

What do you do when you are feeling sad? Moody?

What do you do when you just mad of something? ...

Anyway, whatever things that happened to you must have a reason behind it. Trust me, the reason behind it can be the beauty of the problems. Idk, some people when they have problems, they felt anxious, they do not want to do anything about it & they just get angry or even stressed. For some people, they just let it be because why do they need to think about those matters. Well, perhaps on their minds someone else will do it, will think about the matters.

Now, my question is what if within those circles, everyone think of the same thing. You know the "It's okay, someone else will do it." For some reason, I think that thinking kinda shaped me to what I am now. I hate it when people lepas tangan, this attitude memang takboleh tolerate. Since aku taksuka attitude macam ni so I am hoping that I don't develop this kind of attitude. Meaning to say, I need to practice what I preached. I know something bad will happened if I buat taktahu je. My definition for buat taktahu is when you have to deal with some low class mentality. It's like if you layan those kind of mentality, what makes you different from them? Same kan? Soo moral of the story is ada benda yang kau memang takyah ambil tahu but ada benda yang you kena ambil tahu. Dah besar kan, I think people are matured enough to differentiate it kan.

Anger Management Issues. Based on what I have observed, most people are angry about something but it's all about how you manage those anger. Do you let it control you or you control it? I think the basic must be strong for this kind of issues which is "Think first before you speak". I myself sometime don't control what words that come out from my mouth. Thanks to that, now whenever I want to speak, I think first because you know how people's feelings are fragile. So, at some point we need to jaga their feelings kan. Hm, what if you jenis orang yang cepat melatah bila orang tegur? Haa, itupun satu masalah kan? Actually bendanya senang je, bila kau tegur orang don't expect them to accept your teguran. My advice is that if you want the person to become a better person, so you just istiqomah jelah tegur dia. However, I have a principle that if I tegur that particular person for the 3rd time & the person remains the same, then I would step back. Why? No improvement maa, plus their heart is soooo keras that it need someone else to cairkan if you know what I mean lah kan.

Have you ever feeling sad for no reason at some point of your life? Well, I have. It can be due to your problems with either family or friends but don't let it depressed you. You know depression is something else right? Although sometimes I feel sad for no reason, it's never really that bad that I felt like it's a depression. La Tahzan. Always to put your faith on Allah and to always berbalik pada Dia. 

P/s: It is just a reminder to myself, if any of you ever felt that way, maybe you should take one step back and just look around you. Be grateful for what you have and say Alhamdulillah for what you have now.


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