The Green Hornet !

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          The Green Hornet<3 Yesterday I was at TGV KLCC . I saw the trailer and I guess it just a stupid movies but the trailer gets cooler and cooler . I was like , okeeyy I must see this movie . The picture above says that the movie will be out on Jan 14th but here in Malaysia , it will be out on Jan 27th! OMG! Guess what , Twenty Seven January .. Who's birthday was on 27th Jan . Hahha it's Jack's Birthday lah! 
well , this is what i'll do :

  • I'll take him to watch this movie with me
  • This time , the movies is on me!
  • In the pic , it shows 14 Jan but it's actually 27 Jan in Malaysia
  • 27 Jan is his birthday lah
  • Why belanja dye ?
  • Sbb dye akan belanja saya tgk Narnia on my Birthday !

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