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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Fourteen Sisters!

    ILY♥  Sisters , I'm so glad we met!

  1. Norazilah Mohamed Paid
  2. Nur Aznie Atikah
  3. Nik Noor Halijah
  4. Iezaidah
  5. Iylia Adhwa 
  6. Nurul Nadia
  7. Nur `Amirah
  8. Nurul Fazira
  9. Siti Aqielah 
  10. Fatini Alia
  11. Nur Asyiqin
  12. Nur Amirah
  13. Lyanna Fazira
  14. Nur Syazrina

PS : It listed according to our Birthday Date but em' Norazilah had to be the first because she's The Ketua Dorm

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