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Assalamualaikum and Hello :D
It's nothing actually , it's just something that I made for my class . So this is specially dedicated to my classmates :)


Joke 1 :

Miss Laila : Use the word ‘flour’ to make a sentence.
             Aresz : Mother is eating a cake.
             Miss Laila : Where is the word flour ??
             Aresz : In the cake lah ?!

Joke 2 :
            Miss Laila : How come you are so smart ?
            Spark : Because I take smart pills.
            Dino : Can you give me some smart pills, please.
            Spark : Here, take two of these.
            Dino : These aren’t smart pills, these are panadol.
            Spark : See how smart you are getting already!

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  1. hahahahaa..i missed the time when we were together :D

  2. Fasya : Hee me tooo! Haihh , bosan tau dok ruma ni haha , keje penat -.-