I need your help :(

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Assalamualaikum and hi guys!
It's been a few days since I post a new story aite ? I've been very busy lately try to manage my life . Hahha my life now had turn upside down . Gorsh , seriously I always woke up late like in the afternoon not in the morning . It's a strange feelings btw if you usually woke up early then now .. you started to woke up late like REALLY LATE . To be honest I really don't like to stay up late at night but that is what I've been doing for these couple days . I had these question on my mind every single day when I opened my eyes :
 -Do I miss my old friends ?
-Do I wanna meet them ?
YES and NO(yes for the ones that I miss and No for the fakers)
-Do I wanna go to school ?
Definitely YES?
*It's like What The Heck!?

To be exact , I really had turn my world upside down , like SERIOUSLY . See what I just wrote , damn , I just don't know what to do with my life aite now . Hmm . Okay readers , I'm not having PMS or else but 'em I'm just having a moment , ya'know like the sad moment nor the well I don't know what moment I'm having right now , okay ?! I'm certain that I'm having the blues , like the Monday Blues . If this Blues were I'm about to face like every single day , sorry but I'm going to have to pass cos' I don't think that I'm gonna make it . I'm not gonna able to face it , getting through it , what I'm saying is NOT being able to be happy is and will be the sad-iest things that will happen to my life :(

P/S: Someone please help me , please cheer me up :(

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