Just Like Mine :)

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Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps!
It's almost 4:22AM and I just can't sleep . My eyes were TERBELIAK like seeing something died . HA-HA tomorrow I've to work but how am I gonna work with my eyes looks like a PANDA! So I was just like sightseeing on the net that I found this picture at my friend's page . Of course you see the pictures above right ? :) Remembered the story I told about  my class teacher , Miss Laila ? The one that loves to make us do the essay as the homework ? FYI , it's a 350 words and above essay hmph so you know what I mean right ? . Haha . Okay now , this story the "I Hate My Mother" is almost resemble to my essay that I had passed up like a long long time ago to Miss Laila . But still , not like a copy and paste story it just that this story the ending likely is resemble to mine . Well , ya'know what , in this world , there 7 people that had almost the same face , right ? So , I must say that maybe there are also 7 people in this world that are thinking the same way , am I right ? I guess :)

P/S : I LOVE PANDA! and this doesn't mean I hate my mother -.- LOL , ILOVEMYMOM!<3

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