Sunshine Bloom!

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Assalamualaikum ❤


May your worries be light,
May your joy be great,
May your cup overflow!

Let's start your with coffee and a some blogging!

Too much studying can make your brain reached the limit.
You know that limit tho.. the 'tepu' ones lol
Let's do some Datsuzoku thingy!

So, let's relax our mind.Usually it's a cloudy morning here in Skudai, make you wanna hug your 'bantal busuk' and just chill on your bed. Yes, today is not the day, the day for sweater weather. It felt soooooo breezy today which I usually choose to talk a walk in the morning for this kinda weather but not today. Yup, not today. Well, I just started my day with washing my laundries. Gonna make today a productive day, err washing your laundries manually can burn some calories aite? Hmm *thinking* lol. What a better way to enjoy this clear sky with bright sun than seeing your clothes dry up! Heee 

Still got two more papers left. Most of people would feel the LPS (Last Paper Syndrome). Now, come to think about it, LPS huh? Kinda sounds like Lesen Pendudukan Sementara hahha okay baii. Lusa is LSE paper then next two days is the Map Pro. Oh well, map pro is an open book test but I must say that even if it's an open book, but if you don't read the book earlier, you might get stuck during the exam right? For LSE on the other hand, hahha I need to put a lot of efforts on it. Yes, not like most of people, they quite good with numbers but not me, I flunk that one. How most people can even look at the numbers like they reading books? I just don't get it, hahha I guess that's their advantages right?

I can't stop looking at the sky today. Sooo bright, so blueee, Not so much of clouds today, love it! 

P/s: Current obsession: Charity Vance's song.


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