Bestfriends :D

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In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekondle the inner spirit which is our best friends :D I love having best friends in my life . Indeed . I have two most wonderful best friends in the entire world which is Ada and Sha . I have known Ada since primary school , we've been friends since we're 8 , can you believe that ? Of course , you don't believe me ?Why don't you asked her . Hahha through her , I've learned so much about life . We had a fight but I guess we only had like one big huge fight and it's because of UPSR . I mean , we both been busy about the test and she had another friend that currently at that time , she's very closed to 'em and so am I . So , we couldn't spend our time much but we managed that fight , hihi . One big fight , kaboom! Had tought us about everything . In the year of 2007 , we have to make our own path . She school at Cochrane Perkasa while I was school at Taman Maluri . It has been a hard year for us . At Taman Maluri , I get to meet Sha . She came to that school a little bit late than us , the form one student . We both always fight about small things . Hahha and believe me she don't want to put aside her egos before she win the battle if you know what I mean *winkwink. hahha Then the next year , 2008 . Sha and I , well our mother made a big decision . They wanted us to moved to other school . Dayum , we both cry like a lot . BERBALDI-BALDI . But guess what , she only transferred at Cochrane Perkasa while I'll be transferred to a girl school . Ampang Road Girl School . Seriously girl school ? -,-  But it was different than I thought it was . Girl's school was the bomb! hahha Wait a second , did I just said that Sha will be transferring to Cochrane Perkasa ? Indeed guys . At there , magically Ada and Sha meets up and now had become friends ; BEST FRIENDS . That's how the three of us met and now we were all are BEST FRIENDS 

P/S : I love you guys <3

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