Sweet Seventeen !

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Hahha sing it baby!

Happy Birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to you , 

Happy Birthday to Syazrina ,
Happy Birthday to you!! 

Hee you bet hunn , it's my birthday . TODAY! Yeah yeah , majority my friends already seventeen except me and some of my other friends . Hee I'm so glad that I was born on this date which ia DECEMBER 22 1994 ✿ Okay now who doesn't like their birthday date right ? I must say this year was a blast! I mean , ever since I started to used my current number now , I've never get a free call before . Well , toot toot~ It's Hotlink , yeah they texted me saying that I get a free call for my birthday . Woots woots! haha see the picture above ? That's the evidence :D

Hmm , my Abang told me that his coming home this weekend . He wasn't supposed to come back but he told me that "I've some celebration to do this week" Hahha if you know what I mean *Winkwink. Nway , thanks Abang <3

Starting from 00:00 I called Ada , yeah she's the first person I called on my birthday . Hee my bestie kan and then baru the others . So I did sleep for a couple hours . HIHI . After the call , I sleep back around 6:45am and boo yah! I woke up at 1 freaking o'clock!! Hahha it's actually raining in the morning . No wonder , *TERLAJAK TIDUR RUPANYA (:

My tuition sir asked me whether I eat and cut the cake (*Weird grammar huh . haha) at my birthday but I didn't done that YET cos' for my birthday this year , my Ibu belanja me (: WE ALL ARE GOING TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO, SINGAPORE :D .

P/S : USS here we come!~

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