My Poor Kittens :(

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Assalamualaikum :)

Hi readers , I'm feeling sad right now :( Ya'know why , what wanna guess ? Try ah guess . No , no haa yes! Haha , hmm it's about my kitten . Well you see , actually the kitten's mom is behind all this ! Hmm all my kitten is missing now ! Where'd they go ?? Please come back to me dear kitten because I miss you guys so much :'( First , Putih was missing . Then it came back after two days missing . Then after a few weeks , three of them is missing and this time Putih is among the three that's missing . Aigoo , I thought the three kitten will be back like when Putih was missing the other day however after a few days waiting for it , they never came back :'( Now , there's only two of it . Just like the pictures above , the brown and the black ones . Hmm . So now their mother just look after the two of them . But sadly , I realized that after a weeks , the brown and the black are also missing! Wattafak , now all of them were missing! Damn it!! I thought they were all 'hanyut' in the drain but no . Because it's been awhile since it's raining here . So what else ? Who else?? Because right now I'm thinking , damn! It's must been the neighbor that caught them , don't you think so ?

P/S : To those who have my kittens , please give it back to me! But don't tell me that they're all dead . please don't :'(

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