Ouhh Fathanah~

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Fathanah Fathanah Fathanah !! I just can't help but to scream when i heard the F word . HAHHA my dear , not the bad one but the good one lahh HAHHA it's Fathanah (: The Named of my Block at Hostel .

           This is a slideshow , hahha silly me , eu guys noe that . Nway , i made it fer our dinner hahha our i must say party ? Hahha because at 11:30 , from a polite dinner it turns out to be a wild party . Kidding , not that wild lahh coz Encik Zamri tak marahh sangat (: Kan Abah ? HAHHA . Wey , Penat tauu buat benda alah nii . Bukan penat apa , tapi penat tangkap gambar dorang . I mean , The Juniors of Fathanah . Penat penat T.T Daa snap pic dorg , nak lagi . Da snap , nak lagii . HAHHA apapun Best laa . Hahha naek jenuh aku tunggu korg buat NOTES korg tuu HAHA bukannya apepun , ambik A4 paper and Makerpen . SIAP! Ny , nak lukis lukis lah apelahhh hahha , tapi akhirnya siap jugak kan ? Siap punye siap , last skali dorg tak dpt tgk slideshow ni dgn clear atas masalah teknikal . Akan tetapi , aku telah meng-upload video ini ke dlm Facebook dan daa TAG kepada yg berkenaan tapi ade yg aku lupe tag , so pepandai lah ! Dahh upload punn nak org tlg tag kan lagi ke haaa ? Hahha byk songeh , sepak kang! 

  • This slide was dedicated to All Seniors Block Fathanah<3
  • I have fun taking pictures with All the Juniors (:
  • Still , it has been a tiring day . I must say I can’t forget that day my dear
  • Believe me , the juniors well of course they’re not all the same class plus they’re all were differences courses . The Mechanical , The Electrical and The Civil Engineering
  • At some point I was at Aras Awam *Up up away! hahha
  • Then I was at Aras Mecha *Look down! hhaha
  • Damn , that was tiring !!
I have a lot of fun with all of you guys (:

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