Kem Kebangsaan KRS!

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                Auwww Camp! Hahha , this is a a National Camp for all the Kadet Remaja Sekolah (KRS) all around Malaysia well not all I guess only , only for the Krs in the Peninsular Malaysia because Sabah and Sarawak does not participated . What a lost . This is a 5 Days and 4 nights camp held at the Chedoq Beach Resort , Rompin , Pahang . The first day was tiring because it took about 5-6 hours to get there . The teachers told us that we will be carpool or I must say Buspool *funny* with another Technical School . The SMT Kuala Selangor (Kustech) and SMV Setapak . Dude , what took them so long to get here , traffic jam ? ==" Anyways , we stop at The Rest and we're almost lost at Rompin . The Chedoq Beach was not to easy to find because the signboard were too small . Anyway , when we get there . I was like , Damn! This place was awesome!! First thing we do was checking out the place aka The Beach! While the teacher , Miss Nurul Hafiza is at the err I don't know what it called but em' I preferred it to be called The Gazebo ? Hahha she  registered us at the Gazebo and gave us the The Tag that we're all gonna have to wear it and if we loose it , we all have to 'pay' to get it back *If you know what I mean .

               Miss Hafiza gave us the tents so that we can build it . We brought like 6 tents with us . Two for us , the girls and two for them the boys and one for Miss Haliza while another one for the bus drivers . After we set up our tent , we went to eat our dinner . We ate fish and rice and some other vegetables dish . Hahha everyday we ate that same menu (: I know , you guys must say , "Doesn't you guys get tired eating the same menu for the whole time you went to that camp?!" We all get used to it since we're all living in hostel . The food almost like same food we ate at the Dewan Makan . First friends we made was the Kustech people and then we be friends with the Technical School of Kulim .

To be continued ..

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