Meet my Adeq , Syazmira !

12:16 AM iSyazz 0 Comments

  • Named given Nur Syazmira Sabarudin (:
  • September 21th is when I first saw her
  • Naughty girl in the entire world! hahha
  • Loves to read , just like her Abang
  • Nasyid ? Believe me , she's one on of the Solo
  • Play hockey *Like the others siblings
  • Will be sitting fer UPSR next year 
  • Degil !Tak dgr cakap , HAHHA
  • But still , she's the only adeq I have left
  • I love her so much
  • She didn't know that , I dun wanna her to know that , okeyhh 

Ps : I really love you and Imma bad Kakak fer not treated you well but still , ILY<3

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