Bowling !

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          B to the O to the W to the L to the I to the N to the G ! Phewwwh ==" Hahha B-O-W-L-I-N-G! Did I spell it right ? Ofcoz lah , hahha . It was last year I think . Yeah , after the Penilaian Menengah Rendah examination  *PMR not PMS , haha . For eur information , after the not so big exam to compare to the SPM , the Form3 Students are locked up in the GYM! :O Hahha , Kidding ! But still , the school doesn't provide us a class instead they told us to be at the gym from 7:30 till 2:30 ! 7 hours in a gym and got nothing to do . My dear , you'll be insane in a minute if you don't bring the UNO cards or anything else that you should bring in order to keep you not boring staying there!


          Before that , we were actually on a tournament , isit a tournament ? I think so , hahha nevermind tho . We were playing , Bola Jaring and Baling-baling Selipar . Cool isn't it ? (: Maybe it just a normal traditional game fer others but we get Prizes if we won :D Yeah , we won! Both of the game so we got to kenyangkan our perut with the biscuits and chikades! Nway , after the tournament . We had like a runway , A Fashion Runway . Ouhh~ My Dearest Frien won the first place! The makeup was good , the dress were so Fine! She deserve to win . A big clap fer Asila Syahirah (:

         One day , hahha we were planning fer Aina's Birthday Celebration . So , we suggest to play futsal and bowling . It was Wednesday if I'm not mistaken the date was November 4th 2009 . All of us were meeting at the bus stop at Datok Keramat before leaving to the futsal place . After we all gathered , we took a bus RapidKL to go to the Sportplanet Ampang . It was Wednesday , so we only have to pay RM50 for one hour . Tong tong lah wehh apelagii ! Hahha so we played fer one hour at the court . There were some boys , a college boys I guess were playing at the same time we were playing . Then , when we were leaving , there were some students that just arrived at the Sportplanet . They were all SMK Kosas students and yeah they were all Form3 students just like us having a break after PMR<3

        We walk from Sportplanet to Ampang Point to play BOWLING! We were suppose to head to the Ampang Superbowl but it almost lunch and we are damn hungry so we ate at the Foodcourt . I still remembered that we play like almost five games non-stop ! After the first game , we added one game , then added another one game and the same thing happens again . Hahha , while playing the bowling , we sang the Birthday Song to Aina and ate the cake , yummy! Dude , it's Secret Recipes ofcoz it tasted delicious^^" Again , we tong tong on that cake (:

        When I get to home , it was 5:45pm . Thank God my parents weren't home when I get there . If not , I'll be grounded ; fer sure lah . It was raining by the time I get back to house . Yet , it was another memories with them that I could ever forget (:

PS : I really miss you guys :'(

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