Ouhh~ Choral Speaking!

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Yeah , choral speaking . Never really entered a choral speaking before . So , don't 
expect us , The IV Civil IV Class to be pro on this one . Hahha , I must say I really enjoyed rehearsing with them . Believe me , fer those who's taking part in this choral speaking was like a robot . I mean , a very cute one^^ They were moving and following my direction of hand . That makes me The Conductor . What the hell , I'm the conductor ! Yeah laugh till eu might burst! hahha so what , I maybe not a good conductor but im learning okey besides I think that will be my first and last I ever entered a Choral Speaking Competition . After this , no more Choral Speaking but if it will be another competition that is required by the rules fer us to takes part ; What the heck after all , "We really having a blast aren't we , civil IV?"

Although we're not in the 1st place but em' at least we're not the at the last place^^
For eur information , the 1st place goes to IV Civil I . Plus , I maybe not the best conductor but at least I've the experience , hihhi . Yeah , the Best Conductor goes to my cutiee friend , Syiera . Well , she deserves to win tho because eu know why ? I still remembered that she were wearing gloves and em before their performances , her hand were like so cold , damn cold! After they performed , her hand get colder and colder . Hahha gyle betol ! But guess what , she won the best conductor I guess it worth that her hand get cold . Huhu (:

PS : The Choral Speaking Competition was actually fer the Merdeka Week *I think . All the juniors class
        are compulsory to take place (:

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