Budak Comel (:

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Okengg , Budak ni namanya enta . HAHHA dye nii , well aku knl dye since aku form2 but one yr jea punn sbb ape ? Sbb aku pindah sch d next yr . When i was form2 , dye form1 and yeahh he's younger then me so what dye baeklahNta macam mane nta aku boleh rapat dgn c gyle nii , hahha ouhyeah now i remembered . It was because of HOCKEY Ktorg dlm persatuan yg sama lah . Dye maen hoki , akupunn maen hoki . Dye minat hoki , akupunn minat hoki . To be exact , tym aku start chill dgn dye it was't just me and him only . Ade sekutu laen , hahha dua kutu laen . Kwn dye , hahha 2 org which i can't seems to remember their name *Imma bad person , sorry . Yeah it was The Four of Us (: Hmm The Three of them and The Only One of ME coz dorg sume Boys aku je Girl ==" HAHHA , Happy pulak kenal dgn doranggg :D and definitely ryndu kat dorangg :'( Hope to see them real soon .

Apepun , aku suke laa ape yg dye tulis :

when i saw eu i was afraid to meet eu ,
when i meet eu i was afraid to love eu ,
when i love eu i was afraid to lose eu .

 to be continued ..

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