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Ouhooo It's Reebok!! :D Hahha Reebok ==" Pink -________-" Noo way ! Hahha eu guys must be asking whats the story about this Reebok bag ryte ? Anyway it's not about the bag actually , it's about the owner of this bag (: Well , it's actually grey in colour not pink AHHA , and it's not backpack but it's A Sling Bag lah (: 

           *Enough about the bag Syazz . Okee , cite dye macam ni , Tym tuu kat canteen sch .. tgh lepak lepak dgn mmbe . So sudden ade kawan saye nii yg bernama Tenot cakap kat saya , " Ihhh Sopek , tgk tuuu!" Hahha then ktorg yg tgh lepak lepak plus borak borak tuu punn pandang lahh ke arah dia . Akan tetapi , saya tak pandang lngsng punn kat Sopek tuu sebab tym tuu saya terpandang kat kawan dye , I mean mata pandang kat dye without blinking hahha and dlm hati ckp "Perghh , comelnye dye (:" The weird thing was , Why i never see him at sch before . Anehh 

          Since that day , i always saw him at sch especially when The Ding Dong Bell ringing , hahha meaning tym balik lah (: And mesti nmpk kat canteen , takde kat tmpt laen . Hahha i wanted so much to noe about his name , i mean minat kat dye tapi tak tahu nama , ape nii Syazz ? HAHHA , errr so disebabkan aku tak tahu nama dye and always saw him tym balik , Nmpk org dan beg sahaja . Thats when I started to call him Beg Reebok *Fer those yg tahu cyte nii err diam diam sudaaa (:

           Days by days aku dpt tahu pasal dye . Wah! Excited lah . HAHHA ;DDD Hmm , what i do noe about him is dye Budak Electrical and dye Block D and definitely A Senior lahh . Hahha asal lah ehhh , dua tiga bulan tuu aku asyik tersangkut dgn Budak Elek jeaa . ANEHH . Pape lah .. Then borak borak dgn kawan saya yg mentally disorder Madame Nrl Shzna (: Dyee tuu sebok jeaa nak tahuu sapee , hahha dye suke betol bahan saya dgn ade lah sorang senior tuu *Can't tell his name coz im totally over him (: So bahan punye bahan den pun tercakaplahh kat dye yg den minat kat Budakk Reebok ny . Dye tanye sape name ? Ouhh shit , nak jawab ape ni ? Hahha , Err i told her i dunno his name . She laugh at first and told me to ask sr yg satu class dgn dye . As always i was too shy HOHOOHO . She showed me the Class Picture . Hihhi i saw him and pointed my finger to The Person . Aaaah , it's H . Hahhaha H (: 

         Yeay! I noe his nameeee~ I noe his nameeeeee~ So , i added him at Facebook . Yeah what a story . However , he's sitting fer The Big Exam ; SPM . Takanlah nak kacau kankan . So , what should i do now . Diamkan diri ? Maybe .. maybe not ! Hahha Sokong dia dari belakang lahh !! Hahha

Ps : Cite ny tak habes lagi ,

To Be Continued ...


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