Asyiqin Rosli (:

6:35 AM iSyazz 0 Comments

Story about her ? The first girl that said "Hi" to me in the class of 2009 . That was when I was changing school from SMK Taman Maluri to SMK Puteri Ampang . Yeah , from mix's school to girl's school . Yeah Iqin , did you know that you were speaking English the whole time . I mean , I'm not used to it (: Plus , you were always like "You , I" while I was like "Kau , Aku" It tooks me a month to get used to it . But Alhamdulillah and thanks to you my English had improved (: The things that i like about you is you always happy like there will always be a tomorrow . Hyper the whole time yet discipline about all thing . hihhi kinda lady boss but nahh . Nway I really miss you and hope to see you again .. Someday maybe . LOL<3

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