Sorry Guys :(

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I know i know . It's been awhile since i updated my blog . Ya Allah , you guys should know that I've been very busy with life now . *Ecehh macam orang lain tak busy dgn life dorangg pulak ==" . Masa kemuncak kan sekarang , SPM SPM SPM! How in the world Abg can get a good results ?! Yeah , maybe he put more effort than I am . But I put a lot of effort too , maybe not enough tho . Wish I had a brain like him<3 Three failed in mid-term ?!! :O *Susahlah hidupp derr . The Three are : 
Chemistry , Additional Addmaths and Civil Engineering! 

Nway , just like last year .. Atuk yg ambikkan result<3 But not like last year , if last year , I'm the first one that got back to home but this year I'm the third last person in class that got back to house . Nway , when Atuk's arrived . WE TALKED . Me , Atuk and Cik Laila Fariz . TALK TALK TALK about my results . BLAH BLAH BLAH .


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