The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering. Never stop just because you feel defeated. Remember that.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buddy , you broke my heart :(

What does he/she mean by saying that?! Seriously , that really can bring my anger ya'know . I don't care what you do with your life just don't bother mine . People might say that if he/she talks about you it means that they care about you . Seriously hunn , I'm asking you . Do you ? Do you even care about me ? Don't give a shit when I'm talking to you . Well , now I get it . You're only kind towards me because you just want take advantages on me . I mean , yeah I do get it now . I  don't want to say this but I've been hurt so many times because of friends . Please , I'm begging you don't hurt me just like the others did to me . If you still thinks me as your friend please .. please just don't hurt my feelings because I do care about you .

P/s : I don't know how to confront you

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