Bye SPM , Hello World (:

10:20 PM iSyazz 2 Comments

It's good to be back . Well , now I have to start all over again . I've to make a list . Where to work ? How to manage my life and by the way , let Sekolah Menengah Teknik Gombak R.I.P hoho *Just saying . It's not that I'm going to take all my memories that I had at SMTG and throw it into the bin . I'm just taking a rest from it if you know what I mean . Okay , here's the thing I would really like the job at Great Eastern Mall (GE Mall) at the kids sport because I do love children and yeah I can play with IF I get the job there or else I can work with my bestie ; Ada but the problem is I don't even know what kind of job she had for me . Doesn't matter anyway because as long as they give me salary that's fine for me . I was hoping for the job at my mom's office but I think there'll be no job for me because the company had enough workes . Pity me :( Well , I guess I've to go on my own path now , hihi . I was suppose to meet my dentist today and go for JOB surveying but .. I woke up at 11am! !@#$ laa . hahha it's okay tho , I still have tomorrow<3

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