Graduation Day

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Graduation Day ?! EFF you lah . Hahaha , while others school were having graduation day like a month ago , our school SMTG doesn't celebrate it . I don't know why , seriously . I mean people keep talkings about their graduation day , blah blah blah ... and I just had to listened to what they're saying . It hurts my heart you know hearing about that , hearing about this .

I asked the Cikgu "Why our school doesn't have graduation day?"
The Cikgu said"I don't know , why don't you asked Cikgu Zamri or the Principal Isa"
and I was like"Err Abah(Cikgu Zamri) , nevermind tho" *With sad face

As time get by , I soon to forget about the Graduation Day . I realized that why do I need a Graduation Day when I have all the memories in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Gombak . Yeah , memories can't buy with money . Only the time can buy it (": But can time buy money ? Nope .

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