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Assalamualaikum dear readers :D
So, I woke up as usual at 10am . First things I did was brushing my teeth . I only brushed my teeth and err I'll get shower maybe around 1pm , hee . That's how my day usually work ya'know . After I cooked the rice and the fish , hee then I watched some drama , yeah the korean drama Swallow The Sun :) Nice drama by the way then AS USUAL "Helloooo Lappy<3" Haha , first things after I I'm connected to the Digi Broadband is I log on to Twitter . Yeahh I've some tweet to do :D Okay for today trends is#ThingsIHearEveryday .  Ya'know , there are so many things that you would just hear everyday . Like "Kakak , bangun ! Dah pukul berapa ni , anak dara tak elok bangun lambat-lambat" , then "Bosan gila harini , takde benda ke nak buat?" Right ? haha but my#ThingsIHearEveryday  when I was at school is "Class , pass up your homework!" haha seriously , if you did your homework that it's okay but if you didn't do your homework , you'll be in total danger if you know what I mean :) HA-HA if the teacher was cool , then you can delay to pass up your homework but if you got the strict teacher , damn! YOU ARE IN TOTAL DANGER. Damn , I MISS SCHOOL SO MUCH! I miss doing my homework , ouh how regret I am not doing schoolwork during school time :( I miss the day when I felt there's a butterflies in my stomach because I need to do some presentation . I miss the day when I get into trouble with the warden , you know the feelings when you heart just might fall and it beats so fast ? That kinda feelings , I miss it so much :'( I miss the day when my friends make a jokes and we were like "Whaaaat-,-" haha , I miss teasing my friends , make jokes with them , laugh with them , tears with them and just having fun with them :'(  #ThingsIHearEveryday from them , my classmates is "aih Syazz pergi cari cikgu" hahha . Damn , I miss them so much! Sometimes we fight ,  but that kinda fight really did bond our friendship don't you think so ? I wish right now , I was just in class , studying with the classmates and listening to what teacher were said to us .

P/S: I miss my class so much!

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