I'm Back!

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Assalamualaikum and how are you guys ? :)

Err wait, I'm enjoying the awkward moment now . Hahha dayyum , it has been like what ? Ages now since I updated my blog , isn't it ? I know I know , I'm a selfish person . I guess most people are right when they say that when we are too focus on some job , we'll forget about the rest . I don't know about you guys, but I think it's true . Ever since I started my new job , I don't actually sign in to Blogger . To be exact I only live in Twitterland :D Haha .

Enough with that , I just want to warn you that I'm back! Hee :D So after this , I would probably posting some new stories :) Err actually I've tons of stories that I wanna tell you people but be patient . I still have times before I go to I don't know Poly's life ? Hee , that I'll tell you later okay.

P/s : Click this  link :) I love this song<3 Take Me Away by Keyshia Cole . Btw I'M BACK!

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