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Assalamualaikum peeps! Yeahh yeahh I know I haven't been posting entry 'nowadays' :) I'm very sorry for that and hope you guys can accept my apologies LOL . These few months had been a wonderful months for me yet still counting on it! I still have lot of things to catch with you guys and same goes to you people. How I wish I can just tell the stories  throughout this screen then the keyboard would types the words that I say. Well, I guess it can be done because the technology has not yet invent it :) 

It just that lately , I've been very busy with school. Whoopsy! Poly's life I guess. Dangg, I have like tons of assignment that need to be done and all of the fieldwork is very tiring. Believe me this, you out there yeah you I'm talking to you, if you wanna be a SURVEYOR make sure you have lots of stamina or else you probably will faint during the fieldwork. Ohh and the fieldwork is not a one hour session, it's 3 hours! So make sure you eat your breakfast and please do not skip you're breakfast even if you're on diet or something, okay? 

That's it for now, insyaAllah I'll be posting new entry on new topic the next morning okay! xD



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