I'm tired.

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"Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains."
Exactly. It's funny how sometimes you pretend like you don't know what others are discussing but the truth is you really do know what they're talking about. Why? Why you kept doing the same thing over and over again? Aren't you tired? Just so you know some people are tired of it. Well, I'm tired of it.

My friends kept telling me, it's okay Syaz. You'll get through it eventually. Sometimes I do ignore it but till when do I have to ignore it? Someone needs to confront this. Wait, I had once confront to this particular problem and yeah I still remember your answer.. "Idk, it helps me sometimes to not knowing about what's happening surrounds me." I know exactly what you mean and it's okay sometimes to ignore the people surrounds you. But darling, all the times?? That's not forgiveable.

It's tiring sometimes to kept reminding to you about those little things. You do realizes that those little things aren't supposed to be reminded by me. Come on, try to be independent. That's the other word, independent. You're too depending on others that sometimes we need tell you what to do. It's like you  have to be told what to do or else you won't know what and how to do it. My dear, you're not a robot that we need to switch ON in order for you to operate.

So what now? Should I still go with the flow? As I just 'layan je ur kerenah?' As I just keep this game on? This is not a game man. If this is a game, then maybe it's GAME OVER for me.

P/s : Perhaps for us too?


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