Rainy day!

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Assalamualaikum :)

It's been awhile since Kuala Lumpur is raining . At past , I don't like to brings the umbrella with me when I'm hanging out with my friends , it's a burden for at first . Then , my mom's tought me to bring the umbrella in case it's raining , mom's always said "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan" just like the Malay's phrase.We never know when it's raining right? So ever since my mom tought me that, well now the umbrella always in my bag :) Anyhow , you see Kuala Lumpur ever since the New Year's Eve haven't had a single day with the rain pouring down to this earth ya'know -.- I miss the Rain . After all , HUJANKAN PEMBAWA RAHMAT<3 So I haven't felt any lucky ever since NYE . Maybe the rain would change my luck ? :) Dear Allah , if and only if you can make tomorrow's a rainy days for me , it would be the greatest feelings for me because it really does can change my feelings cos' now I'm feeling so depressed , gorsh I didn't know why :( Besides , it's been awhile since I play in the rain . Last time I play in the rain was during the Riadah time at my school . I miss the rain , I miss the rain and I AM MISSING THE RAIN!! After a rainy days , there will always be a rainbow :) Ouh Rainbow , can you please come out and meet me tomorrow and just made my day ? :)

P/S: May tomorrow be a better day , insyaAllah :)

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