I'm sorry for today bestie :(

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Assalamualaikum readers :')

It's 5:50PM and it's raining. Told 'ya that it's gonna be raining today. I think it's musim tengkujuh now so that's why every evening in KL keep raining. Well, it just a thought tho. Anyway, I were supposed to accompany my bestie to meet her dentist today. However I overslept this morning and woke up around 12pm. Not so good for 'anak dara' ya'know and yeah my Abah did scold to me this morning for waking up late. Sorry Abah! But in this case, I mean for today's case what's more important is that I should have call my bestie to say sorry to her but I didn't call her yet and now I still not calling her. Hmm I'm for sure that she is gonna be super mad at me! Hm but I did whatsapp her as soon as I woke up  but she didn't reply to me which mean she's mad. If I call her now, well I just can't coz my Ibu is at the living room. She don't like it when I call someone in front of her using the home phone tho so what it's gonna be now? 

to be continued...

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