Second semester :')

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Assalamualaikum sahabat-2 sekalian :)

Don't sneeze you guys! Geez, I know my blog are dusty hihi. Yeah yeah, I know I know it has been few months since I posted my last entry. 4 months to be exact. Person: "What are you doing these few months, taking a break huh?" Me: "Busylahh." (Which most typical malaysian would answer). Yes indeed, I've been very busy with my study and all. Oh by the way, I just completed my second semester which now I'm on semester break, yeay me! :D Er result? Alhamdulillah, my result for this semester is just fine. My HPNM (Himpunan Purata Nilai Mata) and PNM (Purata Nilai Mata) are both okay. I see some improvement, I'm glad for that though my last semester wasn't that great for me. I thought my grades are decreasing but like I said before, I see some improvement. Alhamdulillah, I couldn't be more grateful than that.

Well you see guys, for some reasons I am very mad at my lecturer because of her, my carry marks didn't go so well. Let's just say she miscalculated my carry marks. How can she be so careless? Yeah some of you might say and think that I didn't do the assignment given but guys seriously I did all the assignment she gave to me. Come to think about it, it's a group work. A team work. So, how does my group-mate get higher marks than me?! Not fair guys, not at all. If it's just a difference between three to four marks, seriously I wouldn't mind but 15 and above?! Come on lahh.  I had to push hard on that subject which it is my favourite subject. Guess what, what you give is what you get back. I got an A- for that subject, alhamdulillah. However, for my cadastral .. my oh my! That subject was the lowest grades I obtained in my result. Well I got a B, I don't know why maybe I'm playing too much or I just don't understands that subject. Actually, my friends would know why I get that grade. Hihi.

Okay enough with my grades already. Second semester, what is my biggest achievement? What is my hardest decision? What makes me sad? What makes me not sad? Guys, trust me when I said second semester was not the semester that I'm proud of. Why? Well, let's see. I'm running out of time on how to submit my assignment on time. So far, I know how to manage my time properly but then here comes the disaster. Assignment, report, project and all, how am I suppose to manage my time?! I'm so distracted by these problems until I almost cried every night. Every day. People may look at me like I have no problems at all but the fact is I have a lot of problems that need to be solved as fast as I can. EL-O-EL, don't laugh guys it's the truth. In fact, I'm not that kinda person who enjoy telling others what my problems are coz' I think, it's better for me to solved it by myself. I know, I may sound arrogant but em' that's just me. It may sounds like I don't need others help but the truth is I need their help more than anyone could imagine but.. I just don't know how to ask for a help. I think it's better for me to at least try to solves whatever problems I have then not trying at all, aite?

P/s : To be continued...

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