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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Short briefing about the EDM

Assalamualaikum wbt sahabat-2 sekalian ^.^

As usual, time-2 macam ni jelah yang ada masanya pun nak ber-blogging ni so it's not gonna be a long post. No worries :) Haritu main phone Fana and usha videos dia.. Guess what ? I found this on her phone which is video ni if taksilap aku time sem 1. Time mula-2 masuk dulu belajar cara nak guna EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) *Take note pelajar-2 ukur tanah! Cewahh~ FYI, this is just an amateur video so do not expect this video gonna be in HD aite?! :D

Video no.1

Big applause to Encik Min! Thank you for teaching us on how to set up the instrument!

P/s: "Alat EDM ni dah lama so kat JUPEM dah tak guna sangat"-kata senior.  والله أعلم 


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