Because I wanna knit so bad!

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Assalamualaikum wbt sahabat-2 sekalian ^.^

Because I wanna learn how to knit so bad that I got a present and it's the Knit Starter Pack! Yeay me! Hee yelah selama ni tengok kat dalam YT&Tv je so sekarang I got the chance to actually learn how to knit.

Err the cast on which is the beginning for knitting seems hard but I'll try 😅 Hm now aku tertanya-2 bila pulak aku ada masa nak melayan benda tu haha now dah final year & akan datang nanti mesti busy with assignments, quizzes&tests kan?

Well, knit punya pasal aku sanggup cari masa nak belajar hihi but seriously kalau takat belajar kat YT & books je not enough for me lah. I need a f2f tutoring. So can someone teach me?

P/s: Do let me know if you're willing to teach me aite 😉


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