Simply 20's!

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Assalamualaikum wbt sahabat-2 sekalian ^.^

Hi! What day today? It's thursday and hello 2015! For some peeps, new year means new resolutions and as for me.. I had mine too. Funny thing that every year when making a new reso, we'd say "Last yr punya reso pun tak settle lagi, inikan this yr" Well, who cares? 😒 It's not the same as Nazar but it's close to it and once we had our aim, we'd strike for it right?

20's?  Err, yup 20's. Ugh can't believe it, rasa macam baru semalam darjah 4 😧 Dah besar dah saya. Hahha! Tapi perangai dah matang ke or still macam bebudak? That one I'll let you guys decide. Throughout my 20's, I've had my UPSR, UPSRA, PMR, SPM & now waiting for my DIPLOMA Certification. Man, I grew up so much lol & insyaAllah 5 years from now I'd have my Degree certificate, own a career, owned a car maybe & definitely 'akad' will always be 1st on my list! *cewahh 😅

So now what I need to do is setup my Niat, purifies my heart & to always pray & tawakkal to Allah. With His will, I'd always stay humble and remember my Niat, insyaAllah.. 😇


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