Hectic Week Updated!

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Ngehngeh yesterday I was having a mental breakdown right? *Gulp* Nahh, almost every week actually, kinda have this anxious feeling like every single day you know. It's like you already submit the work but then there's still lot of work waiting for you to accomplished it 

Anyways, I've done my assignment. Yeay me! For now it's a yeay but later I dunno. The GPS thingy I dun wanna think about it, yet. It's like an orbit. Ya'know how orbit works right? Only the orbit is on the space right but then it goes cuckoo in my head 

I really thought hydro test is tomorrow, gladly it's on Tuesday. Pheww got time left to study but haiyaa there goes the 'tangguh' things again. Always postpone to other date, this postpone thing is seriously pain in my ass. Yaaa lah, it's a burdensome if the test is overlapping with others stuff.

Thankfully today got free meal. It's brighten up my day  Gonna eat at Meletop with KOQ members. I'm not into steamboat tho but why not. It's a free meal anyway right?

P/s : Gonna update soon after Day Trip to Melaka


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