Final Week, Gambatte ne!

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Assalamualaikum ❤

It's final week~ Setiap sem aku akan cakap ayat ni "Aku just nak sem ni habis cepat je". Like I said before, this sem takdelah banyak kelas sangat but the stress level Ya Allah has increased. Hahha one thing for sure, it's hard for me to live the moment for the time being. I usually find happiness in whatever things I'm doing but... This time.. Payah sikit. Hahha bayangkanlah kalau before tidur, kau akan count how many assigments yg tak siap lagi then bangun dari tidur how many hours that you just slept last night. Before pergi kelas, tengok lappy. Balik dari kelas, hadap lappy. Dear lappy, I wish for your health. Jangan buat perangai, kalau nak sakit pun biar demam biasa je hahha.

Mostly, kelas banyak yang dah takde dah. Alhamdulillah. Cuma tinggal yang saki baki ni jelah. Apapun, most of the assignment dah submit. Err carry marks? Most of 'em dah tau, cuma kalau yang taktau pun pepandai lah kira. Pointer? It's just a number. A numerical value. It's cliche right. However, it's show how much you understand about the knowledge. I used to strive for the best but I'm just a human being. Most of my time, I fall down. Not knowing that I actually lost. Lost in time.

Anyway, it's final week. So apa-2 benda yang aku takfaham I should be asking lecturers time sekarang ni kan tapi tulah.. Tengoklah macam mana. Still ada satu benda yang buat aku jiwa kacau. Definitely, GPS. The project somehow felt like a thesis ya'know. Banyak kali ktorang stuck, so we seek for clarification. We get clarified. Then again, stuck. Not knowing how to take the next step. The good part is it makes us think on how to solve the problem. But then again, sometimes can felt like a burden on our shoulders.

P/s: Still got one more day. Anything can happen. Ya Allah, increased my knowledge in a way that I'll be able to use it in future and in shaa Allah teach it to others. がんばって!


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