My handsome guy :)

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Assalamualaikum!!! :D
  Err sorry for the excitement -.- It's just that I don't know why I felt so happy writing this post . hahha I think I'm feeling lucky today , hihi . Pray for me , okay ? :) Nahh , it's just that I'm writing a post about this crazy guy xD Name given is Muhd Amirul Haziq , born on 96's :) Meanings that he is now 16 yrs old . Yeah his Form4 right now . What's his relationship with me ?! He's my boyfiee<3 What naaahhhh -___________-" his my cousin lahh , the closest ones :) Having him in my life is the greatest feelings ever! I do love him and I hope that someday he'll be a good man . Ami , I'm praying for ya'!

  Well , the story about him is that he loved Rugby so much . So he asked me whether Teknik Kajang is a good place for him to play Rugby ? Then I said to him that if he wanted to play Rugby so much why don't he just apply at Teknik Gombak because it's much better besides I've been there . Psst , it's my previous school kan :) So , I'm just doing marketing with him back then . But he said to me that he was actually avoiding chemist , physics , addmaths and all that lah . I was like hmm okay .

  He wanna be a chef someday but for now he just concentrates on Rugby :) One thing I like about him and his elder brother is that if they had passion on something or someone , they'll just put like a lot of efforts and just set their mind on what their goal and just realizes their dream! They're so determined ya'know . Anyway , after getting the PMR's result , Ami was invited to continues his study at Teknik Kajang :)

  So now , currently his at Teknik Kajang! Jan 9th is his first day to walk in that school , I just hoped that he'll be able to achieve what he wanted and just have fun on that school . After all , next year will be your last year at school , SENIOR YEAR so just have a blast on this year at the new school okay!

P/S : May ALLAH bless you Ami<3

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